First and foremost I am a loving wife and mother to two teenage girls...and an adorable little Boston Terrier. For me, family comes first... Does that mean sometimes my house looks like an utter mess? Yes! Like most active families, we live very busy lives, where downtime is a treasured rarity. But messy or not, we LOVE our home...I believe your home should be a place you love to be - both in how it functions and what is aesthetically pleasing. With thoughtful design you can achieve balance between the two.​  

My design approach...listen, look and take it all in. Every client and every project will have different needs. It is important to adapt to those needs. I believe that good design can be affordable and attainable no matter what your budget. I don't believe every piece in your home needs to be high-end or expensive. In fact, I love the hunt for the treasured pieces that aren't.  I also love a good DIY - get your hands a little dirty from time- to-time - it's good for the soul.

 Contact me  and lets chat about your project. I'd love to help you create some balanced living of your own.

Photo: Anastasia Rarig Photography