Family homes and lifestyles are never cookie cutter and your design options shouldn't be either. I believe each client, home and design needs are unique and therefore believe in offering several design options to be meet those varied needs. My design philosophy of balanced living and thoughtful design can be captured in any of the services I offer. Your specific needs will be discussed before our initial appointment to ensure we select the right services for your project.


Flat Fee Design Consultation: One time site visit for up to two-hours for $300.00

Some services can include but are not limited to color consultations and paint selections, material selections for smaller projects, general rooms design and space planning ideas.

One Room Renovation: Billable at $100.00 per hour, minimum 4 hours

Together with client input, we will establish goals and objectives for your space. This includes style and function as well as any key areas that are important to you and/or the space. Room Renovation is limited to one room or area and will include a Design Idea Board for project completion.

Full Service Design: Billable at $90.00 per hour

Full Service is designed for clients who need design input for larger or ongoing projects. Full Service can include interior or exterior projects and can encompass as many areas of the house as specified by the client. Full Service can include Conceptual Design, Design Development and Design Implementation as project requires. 


The following is a general list of services that can be worked into the design services listed above.

Re-design: Using your existing furnishings and simply rearranging certain pieces can change the look and feel of a space. 

Home Staging Consultation: Altering your homes decor to appeal to potential buyers

Remodel or New Construction: Working with your contractor to assist with design elements and material selections while ensuring your design ethestics are met. 

For detailed information on services please contact me and I will gladly send you my full list of services and fees.